Methods Of Treating Back Pain Without Surgery

Back pain is a common problem among seniors but is often overlooked by younger people. It may be temporary in both case, due to stress on the back or a bad sleeping posture but if it lasts for more than 3 months or even a month, then it can be a case of chronic back problem. The most common ways other than age are arthritis of the spine, stenosis, herniated disc or sudden tenderness in the muscle. In chronic case, sudden treatment is necessary but surgery is not the only option.

treating back pain without surgery

Non-Surgical ways of treating back pains:

There are actually a number of ways for treating back pain without surgery:

  • Physical Therapy:

Before going for anything, physical therapy is the best option to treat back pains( of any kind). Under the guidance of a physiotherapist or a spinal therapist, you can indulge in certain exercises that will help you retain your posture, increase tolerance to pain and make your spine more flexible.

  • Epidural Injections:

An epidural steroid injection is used to deliver pain medicine directly into the epidural area, which covers the spinal cord and the surrounding nerves.

  • Pharmacological Treatments:

Usage of muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory drugs, and analgesics to treat chronic back pains. Although it can bring immediate relief, it is not recommended for long term use.

Back pains can be serious and must not be overlooked. Many people are scared of surgeries but the good news is that there plenty of non-surgical treatments. Just refer a certified physician or physiotherapist and you can avoid some serious trouble.